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"Travelling with kids became easier, and I wanted to share it with all parents."

Our founders, Darya and Kyle became parents in 2014; they were extremely joyful but soon discovered how difficult parenting could be. Kyle is someone who is very handy and built swings, a tree-house and play-ground area for the kids and Darya was all about efficiency. 

Darya first purchased a drawing board for the kids to draw on but they would get bored real quick or would drop it on the floor. After that, she purchased an iPad that would attach to the back of the 2 front car-seats but the kids would not be able to change the show or play games on the iPad because it was out of reach. 

As a family that was always on the road, and kids who had lots of energy, travelling was difficult. Darya and Kyle, realized the need for kid-friendly travel products. After several months of samples, trial and errors.. Zeazu travel gear was born. 

Our Story

Our story began when we had kids. Our first and second born were both very energetic and it was difficult to always keep up. As a family that was always on the road, we purchased a drawing board for the kids which didn't always work out. Next was the iPad which did a good job, but was easily dropped or when it was attached to the back of the front car-seats they could not reach it. 

We realized the need for kid-friendly travel products that can make the life of both parent and child easier. 
Our parenting strategy is to encourage our kids to be creative, bold and brave as we see used our parenting strategy to create a product that would allow our kids to stay occupied while letting their creativity unfurl. 

Our first product was very successful, it had everything to make travel more fun for both parent and child. The Zeazu travel trays had a built in tablet holder, drawing board, markers and erasers tips, a cupholder for drinks, a hard surface to eat food, a strap to put around the child or baby carseat and pockets for storage. It was the perfect idea for travelling with kids! 

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Our mission

Since our Zeazu Travel Tray release, we have built a large group of customers who we like to call refer to as the "Zeazu Travel Warriors". Our goal is to work on high-quality, life-changing products into your home that can make travelling fun and easier for both parents and kids. 

Join our group of travel warriors by signing up your email below or following us on Instagram @ZeaZu_Official. Don't be a stranger, reach out to us :)

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Drawing board

Allow your kids to unfurl their creativity with a drawing board. Play tictactoe, drawing competitions, educational activities and so much more with the drawing board. The hard surface allows your kids to snack and eat on the tray without having to worry about creating a mess while on the road. 

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Touch Screen cover

An iPad and tablet touch screen cover that can easily be added or removed. Fit most tablets and iPads inside without having to worry about damage from spillage or dropping. 

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Includes storage pockets for all your child's needs. The one side has storage pockets for your child's snacks, toys, gear, pens, markers and crayons while the other side has a storage unit for napkins and wipes. The bottom of the tray has a storage unit for papers while the tray itself has a cupholder. 

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